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Everything from scripts/screenplays to YA novels. NSFW blog at times.

Writer. I write about couples, mental health (psychological disorders), social issues, and relationships. Hell yes, you'll find pop culture allusions in my work.

Ultimate dream: write the next big contemporary teen drama (tv series) and have it on television!

This is my sanctuary for written, visual, & audio inspiration and manifestation for my writing and stories! Horror, scary, psychological, love, relationships, sex, family, couples, quotes, and all that good stuff. Pretty conflicting and complex, but who isn't?
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One of Danica’s problems in BUTG

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Well when I was buying leggings today this is what the guy told me

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my character, danica, going through it

my character, danica, going through it

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very much similar to a situation with Danica and Brad in my contemporary YA, Breaking Up the Girl

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danica’s sentiments in BUTG

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my Brad, perhaps…very likely

my Brad, perhaps…very likely

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